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On going performances:

Parfums de pauvres

De-Learning to Play the Piano



2020 -> 2022


Lèche vitrine

La réforme de Pooky

Les Trois Mousketeers

Cancer de la gorge

Le Magasin

Cocaine Hippos

2019 - 2016


Futur, Ancien, Fugitif

After Beatrix Potter

Retrospective 1:15 scale

I Love My Taste

Wedding Bouquets

They Call Us The Screamers

No to Crucifixions

Le Bien

Turing, The Apple, My Father, Eve & I


2015 - 2011

Mohamed je t'aime


Giraffes With Faces of Ecstatic Saints

Not Quite Beyond Good and Evil, Fuck Me I'm a Sofa


Leftist Jewelry


Perrotin & co

The Monstruosity of the Address

Slash Seconds

Sales on Luxuary Shoes

2 Timothy 3

The Social

Oysters & Goats

Everything Should Be Said Before One Actually Starts Talking

Chez les filles


2010 -2006

Some People Believe That...

God Is A Virus

Have Faith

Abandon All Hope

The Avant Garde is Dying But Will Not Surrender

Listening to Bobby Few

Nobody Loves Me

Extremely Happy

Je t'admire mon chéri


2005 - 2001

Voicing the Vagina

The Problem In Art Is Maybe Dance

Making a Hit As An Art Piece (2002/2009)

The Withdrawal From Conversation (...) Twenty Women (...)

Abstract Painting

John Russell Kills Fabienne Audeoud in the Style of William Burroughs

A Lecture on My Face


2000 -1997

Performance-ative Paintings (2000/2004)

She Prepared the Staging of Her Death

Je suis la plus belle des femmes

Fanfare Ciocarla Sound Check



The Royal Ballet Dance Bites

King Comm