audeoud voice performance Sarah trit credac ivry

'Practice', voice performance in the group show 'J'aime le rose pâle et les femmes ingrates', curated by Sarah Tritz,LE CREDAC, Ivry, still and full performance,2019


'Practice', voice performance at Galerie Joseph Tang, Paris, 2018, video #1: 40 sec extracts, video #2: full performance


audeoud voice performance shraon kivland circuit lausalle
audeoud voice performance sharon kivland circuit lausanne
'Practice', voice performance for Sharon Kivland's solo show at Circuit, Lausanne, 2019


audeoud villa du parc
'Practice', voice performance, at La Villa Du Parc, Annemasse 2019


'One Does Not Comfort a Musician Who Play a Sad Piece', voice performance, Prix Ricard dinner, Paris 2019


audeoud voice performance tulca

'One Does Not Comfort a Musician Who Plays a sad Piece', in ‘They Call Us The Screamers’, curated by Matt Packer, Tulca 2017, Galwaw IE


'One Does Not Comfort a Musician Who Plays a sad Piece' in Blind date#3, in 'Rideaux/ Blinds', curated by Marie de Burgerolle, IAC Villeurbanne, 2015


'One Does Not Comfort a Musician Who Plays a Sad Piece', voice performance for 'Slash Second', curated by Peter Lewis & Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi, at Sharjah Art Foundation, United Arab Emirates, image courtesy of Sharjah Art Foundation. Photo by Alfredo Rubio, 2014


'One Does Not Comfort a Musician Who Plays a Sad Piece', voice performance in 'Maman' solo show at galerie Eva Meyer, 2014


voice audeoud shoes
'Sales on Luxury Shoes', voice performance (sound track, voice and set) in 'Pleasure Paradox', curated by Christina Millare, Milton Keynes Galery,(UK), 2013


audeoud voice performance marseille kathy acker
audeoud voice performance kathy acker marseille extended technique

'Fuck me I'm a sofa', in ‘Kathy Acker, the Office Ruling n’ freaking’, performance, (sound track, voice and set)curated by Dorothée Dupuis and Géraldine Gourbe, Triangle, Marseille,(FR) 2011


A Recital for a Black Dress (short extract from a 25 min performance piece for GAGARIN event (organised by Wilfried Huet) at S.M.A.K. Museum GENT, 2011)


Fabienne Audéoud, Abdoulaye Traoré & Guesch Patti - Extract from the performance for the opening of the exhibition "opération tonnerre" @ Mains d'Oeuvres, Saint-Ouen, 2009


Fabienne Audéoud & Roger Turner, Instants Chavirés, Le Magasin, Grenoble, 2009

Fabienne Audéoud & Roger Turner, Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, 2008

 Fabienne Audéoud & Roger Tturner, festival jazz et musiques improvisées,Besançon 2008


'One Does Not Comfort a Musician Who Plays a Sad Piece' in ‘The Body As Tool.The Body As Matter’, performance, curated by Pedro Rochas Serralves Fundation, Porto,(PT), 2006


'Practice/Brixton Hill', stills from video of voice performance filmed by Josef Krammhöller in 1999, in 'Hotspots' curated by Olivier Bardin and Loris Gréaud, Sammlung Essl Kunst des Gegenwart, Vienna (AT), 2005



audeoud voice performance vollevox komplot brussels feminism extended technique
'One Does Not Comfort a Musician Who Plays a Sad Piece' in Vollevox, Komplot, Vanderborght, Brussels (B), 2004


'You Cannot Uplift The Poor By Telling Them To Be Rich', video commissioned by Donna Lynas, for the series 'Deeply Buried', South London Gallery, London, 2000



audeoud voice performance

'One Does Not Comfort a Musician Who Plays a Sad Piece' in Oval House London 2000


voice performance in collaboration with Josef Kramhöller for the launch of his book Genuss, Luxus, Still, Orbit House 1999



audeoud voice performances extended technique feminism contemporary art

'Practice', voice performance, ICA London 1999. Also performed between 98 and 2004 at various venues including The junction Cambridge, Colchester Art Centre, Albany Theatre,The Spitz,(UK), University of Utrech, (NL), la Sation Nice (FR), Viinistu, Estonia



audeoued performance voice extended technique improvised music feminism

'Practice', voice performance filmed byJosef Kramhöller, shown in 'New Contemporaries 98' at Camden Art Centre London, Tea Factory Liverpool, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle (UK)1998
Stills, video #1: 10 min extracts; video #2: full length



'Gallery Chant', voice performance and set in Travel Light’ curated by Mark Beasley Birmingham Art trust, Birmingham (UK) 1997


‘Spiritual Drafts’,multimedia recital, Turtle Key Art Centre,London (UK) 1997


'The melon’s Smile’, recital, Jackson’s Lane theatre, London and The Power House Nottingham (UK) 1996


the Punge Club and the cuboard club in various venues includingat the Vibe Bar loughborough hotel, the Chunnell Club ,the Albany theatre,London (1994-98)



‘Décomposition en music and en images d’éléments internes’, recitalrecital with videos and recorded tracks, in collaboration with Sandrine Rondard, Confluences Theatre, Paris, 1992


'Give Me Your Ears', recital with slides and recorded tracks, ESCP theatre, Paris, 1990